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All Designer Stitches’ Shadow Trapunto kits come in hand workable sizes, making them portable
enough to work on at your convenience. Each Kit and Pattern Pack has been carefully manufactured
so that you will enjoy working up a block which can be incorporated into many products such as
quilts, clothing, cushion covers, framed pictures and many more. *Please note that all
Kit prices are in Australian dollars and includes GST and postage and handling (unless otherwise advised).

Trapunto Variations

Leafy Sea Dragon


Leafy Sea Dragon

15cms x 14cms
Fabric colour is ivory

Kit: $60

A native of southern Australian waters,
this marvelous creature of the sea is worked
by using two layers of different fabric and
coloured and filled with varying yarns and
threads to create the unique hues of the
Sea Dragon and the colours of the sea.
Sparkling tiny beads and basic embroidery
stitches complete this standout piece.



The Cottage Garden

15cms x 12.5cms
Fabric colour is ivory
Kit: $62

This tranquil cottage garden is filled with
foxgloves, lavender and roses and is
embroidered with simple stitches
onto the Shadow Trapunto background.

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Cottage Garden

Herb Garden


The Herb Garden

15cms x 12.5cms
Fabric colour is ivory
Kit: $62

This secluded herb garden is brimming with
flowers and herbs created by simple embroidery
which is stitched over the Shadow Trapunto
background. Fabulous as a framed piece in a
shadow box on the wall or as a special cushion
cover in both modern and traditional decors

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Amulet Bags

Blue Rainbows / Pastel Rainbows / Pink Rainbows

The Rainbows Amulet Bags

4.5cms x 7cms each bag size
Kit: $44 each. Pattern: $22 for 3 variations

These wonderful Amulet bags are almost a piece of jewelry
by themselves. A lovely necklace to hold your tiny treasures.
A large colour co-ordinated glass bead weighs down the front flap
and all kits include all fabric, yarns, threads, cords and all beads
and easy to follow instructions.

Floating Feather

The Floating Feather

11.5 x 16.5cms.
Fabric colour is ivory
Kit: $55

‘Floating Feather’ is a lovely beginner’s kit
in this technique and is actually a very quick
and simple one to do using two layers of fabric,
quilted together to create the outline with the
resulting shapes then being filled with coloured
yarn (for the feather) and stranded cotton
for the simple wavy background. Tiny AB seed
beads finish the design to give a bit of
sparkle to the feather.

Please Note: All photographs of the designs are not to scale
All Designer Stitches designs are ©Copyright