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Shades Of Baltimore

Shades of Baltimore Quilt

This is our superb "Shades of Baltimore" heirloom quilt in Shadow Trapunto.
The design has won quilting awards for our customers worldwide.
The quilt shown above is Betty's award winning quilt and she says
"I have washed it so many times I have lost count".

The "Shades of Baltimore" Quilt pattern is a series of 12 individual designs
(some shown below) and are pieced together to create this beautiful quilt in the
Baltimore style. Each seamed block measures 20" square and the Kits may
be purchased separately to create individual projects such as cushion covers,
framed wall hangings etc., or may be purchased as a "Block of the Month",
or as a complete unit containing all 12 designs, all fabric, batting, yarn,
threads and needles and complete illustrated instructions.

Here are some more detailed shots of the Quilt:

Shades Of Baltimore Detailing

You can order from this website - or for more details on the Quilt see our
"Quilts and Borders" page and our "Ordering and Contact Us" page.

( Overseas orders will exclude our 10% Australian Sales Tax but
may incur additional postage fees to cover costs).

Rose Border

This is Designer Stitches.


After many years working in top advertising agencies as a graphic designer and then running my own award winning freelance studio in Melbourne, I discovered by chance the basics of the Shadow Trapunto technique. Shadow Trapunto immediately captured my imagination and inspired me to create an extensive design and style collection that is now incorporated into all of my Designer Stitches kits and patterns.

I formed Designer Stitches in January 2000 and have now become the world’s leading supplier of Shadow Trapunto and French Trapunto (Boutis) quilting kits and patterns.

The idea of creating something beautiful and unique by using simple, basic ingredients really appeals to me.  In many cases it is just a matter of knowing the tricks of the trade and by using the right components, produce a finished, pleasing piece of needlework.  I always enjoy the reaction from my customers when shown the technique. I constantly get this response, “Is that all there is to it? It is far easier than I would have thought. The finished product looks as though it would be hard, but it definitely is not”.

Shadow Trapunto has the beautiful soft colours and embossed textures that makes this technique ageless.  French Trapunto or Boutis is a one colour traditional French technique, usually white or ivory, is fully textured but not bulky and reflects the style of the beautiful hand quilted pieces dating back to the early 17th century in Marseilles.

I love craftwork and love the challenge of creating new products and techniques.  But like my Grandmother, my special love is for needlework and when I was shown Shadow Trapunto I immediately fell in love with it .

Some designs I have done cater for the novice quilter and other designs are more detailed for the more experienced needleworker.  Shadow Trapunto and French Trapunto have a delicacy which is timeless, but the best part is that they are such a pleasure to do.  My treat is to sit back, listen to good music or talk to friends and stitch.  The fact that I am creating something that will last forever gives me great joy and the appreciation of other people is the ultimate reward.

I do hope you will join me on my adventure, I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Double Leaf Border

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